What if I told you magic was real...

What if I told you there is a spell that can instantly change how someone feels, what they think, what they believe...

What if I told you there is a spell that can transport someone to a different time or place...

...that spell is Music and it gives you ultimate power and influence.

Use it wisely, use it effectively, but use it.

Sound practice...

My music studies started at an early age but my working life began in the theatre. I worked as a sound engineer for 15 years at various venues, the West End and on tour.

Specialising in combining an orchestral sound with contemporary electronic influences, I have created scores for live and screen productions including dance, film, theatre and corporate events.

The experience of both music and sound engineering is the ideal combination for producing the perfect score.

Album to benefit Walking With The Wounded when released.

Walking With The Wounded

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Composition and Sound Design for Stratford-Upon-Avon's newest attraction

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"STRESSED spelled backwards is DESSERTS"

+44 (0)7715 749239
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