Dalgona Whipped Coffee

Whether you like coffee or not you have to give this one a go. My partner saw it online and knowing my love of all things coffee sent it to me, with a request to make one for her I might add.

It’s really easy and absolutely delicious. You can read the full article from Karina at Cafe Delites here, and the lovely photo is from her article too, but I’ll give you a quick summary.

All you need is:

  • Two scoops of instant coffee (I know, it’s not proper coffee but this doesn’t work with ground beans)
  • Two scoops of white sugar
  • Two scoops of water

Whisk all three ingredients together, an electric whisk is by far the easiest way, until it becomes thick and creamy. Add some crushed ice to a glass, poor over some milk and then scoop the whipped coffee mixture over the top. Stir together with a straw or spoon and enjoy.

We also discovered it works just as well on top of a glass of ice cream as a decedent dessert.

Make sure you go and check out Karina’s blog at www.cafedelites.com

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