Ever since a school trip to France and Belgium I have always had a fascination with the First World War and over a period of many years, and as time has allowed, I’ve been working on a concept album inspired by it, called ‘Inconnu’ (French for ‘unknown’). It tells a story, set at the time and in present day, of how war has affected several generations of the same family and whether it will continue to do so, or will there be a change of fortune.

The music is nearly all written and I am now working on recording the instrumental parts. I will continue to develop it and my patrons will get to hear the progress as it happens, alongside my other projects.

When it’s finished and released it will be helping to raise money for Walking With The Wounded, a UK charity that re-educates and re-trains former service personnel after they have left the armed forces, often due to very difficult circumstances.

This music video is the closing anthem of the album and I was very fortunate that the soprano Faryl Smith agreed to sing it for me and was brilliantly directed by an associate of mine, Colin Hill.

I hope you like it and, if you do, come and join my exclusive family of patrons to see more.

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