‘Inconnu’ is French for ‘Unknown’ and is the single word engraved on thousands of gravestones in the many military cemeteries found in France and Belgium. They are a lasting tribute to the men of the allied forces who gave their lives fighting against Germany and her supporters in the First World War.

Composer, Andy Cox, adopted it as the title for this project for the same reason and to extend that tribute to those men and women who have served their countries in conflict since and still do today

The project will result in the creation and production of a concept album telling a story that takes place during the First World War but also identifies it as a story that has been telling itself time and time again throughout history. It depicts how war has tragically touched one family for three generations and may still continue to do so, or maybe the cycle will be broken.

Listen to a montage of pre-production samples

So far I have been fortunate to have had involvement from some amazing talent including John Nettles, Lucy Benjamin, Mark Benton and vocal harmony group Blake.

I am looking forward to completing the album and seeing it develop further.