I love writing music for dance and it’s a great art form to tell a story. It has all the elements needed to make an audience feel what you want them to feel and, much like music, it has no limits of language, so the two combined make a truly universal creative power.

This particular piece is performed in the Classical Greek style of dance, a style studied by many when training but seldom seen professionally. It draws its inspiration, as the name suggests, from classical Greek culture and myths and legends are often used as the storylines.

This particular piece was a commission from the Mayhew School of Dance and Performing Arts in Northampton, UK, one of the best and most respected dance schools in the region and a leader in the Classical Greek style. It tells the story from Norse mythology of Yggdrasil the World Tree and the nine worlds that made up the cosmos. The story also contains mythical creatures, divine beings and a dragon.

The piece was choreographed by the school’s Principal, Fiona Sheehan and performed on the stage of the beautiful Royal Theatre in Northampton in 2016.


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